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Medical Intelligent Assistant

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TechCare Baby Safe, an IoT solution to improve security and access to neonates, with Face recognition using Thundercomm's AI kit.

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Bridge Baby Monitor

Ultra96 FPGA-based platform to predict structural failure to cut costs of maintenance and also prevent disasters.

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Some Features that Made us Unique

Value Proposition

Using the latest innovations in technology, AI, Cloud, Edge computing 3D printing and IoT, we plan to disrupt medical technology. With this seamless technology, the patients can have better care and experience, and the medical professionals can have more time and use it to improve their services.


- Better patient care.

- Intelligent monitoring.

- Relief for medical professionals.

- Internationally competitive products.

- Excellence in manufacturing.

Great Support

We focus on the opportunity to be in contact with customers and seek their complete satisfaction as well as excellence in the attention to their specific needs.

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